What will it cost per square foot to build my home?

This is one of the most common questions heard by custom home builders.

Imagine two bags of groceries sitting at the end of the checkout isle. How much does each bag of groceries cost? The answer depends on what is in each bag. Steak, lobster and champagne or cold cuts and beer?

The cost of construction varies in many ways and determining a true cost to build per square foot needs to be evaluated from many different perspectives and truly depends on what is in the proverbial bag. Providing the client with the home of their dreams that meets the level of
quality and, of course, their budget takes a true understanding of all the facets of the project.

Custom home builders look at cost per square foot from different angles and try to work backwards in a sense. A homebuilder needs to understand what it is that you, as the client, want in your home and what you are comfortable spending on an overall budget and then break down the categories into wants, needs and must haves.

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